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Application fields

Vacuum cooling of Fruit & Vegetables

Leafy vegetables like (iceberg) lettuce, spinach etc are very suitable to be vacuum cooled. The process also works perfectly for field-packed leafy produce, as long as (micro) perforated film is being used. For more "solid" vegetables ranging from (Chinese) cabbage and broccoli to carrots the cooling down process might take (considerable) more time, but the result in shelf life increase can be more than substantial. For fruits (like strawberries) and mushrooms, it is most important that the produce is cooled down very shortly after harvesting. Also here, vacuum cooling has great advantages in comparison to conventional cooling.

Vacuum cooling of Flowers

The vacuum cooling of fresh cut flowers is also a successful application. Special systems adapted to processing aircraft containers have been made successfully in the past.

Vacuum cooling of pre-cooked food

For pre-cooked convenience food special (stainless steel) vacuum cooling systems are needed in order to preserve quality and taste as well as to save time between the processing and the-ready-to ship time.

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Vacuum Cooling Flowers


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