ColdMax Europe

Your partner for (Vacuum-) Cooling and Ice Technology

ColdMax is the leading Asian supplier of vacuum coolers, cold room installations and (flake) ice machinery, with a wide experience in the market place and a production capacity of up to 80 (vacuum) cooling systems per year!

With the newly started “ColdMax Europe” sales and service organization we can offer you state of the art cooling systems with mostly top (European) components.

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Compact 2 Pallet System

More Vacuum Cooling & Pre Cooling

weber cooling ref

ColdMax is one of the leading suplliers for WeberCooling, but check out our website for:

  • full range of vacuumcooling from other suppliers
  • food vacuum cooling
  • special vacuum solutions
  • pre-cooling solutions
  • coldstorage

Europe 4 Pallet System

Europe 12 Pallet System